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- The Chase Fishery -

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- The Chase Fishery -

Location in South East:
Rush Green, Dagenham, Essex, England.

Stephanie Waddington [Ranger Services Manager]. Department of Regeneration and Environment, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham, The Millennium Centre, The Chase, Dagenham Road, Rush Green, Romford, Essex RM7 0SS.
Tel: 020 8595 4155

Day Tickets:
£6 for one rod, £10 for two rods

Not available.

Best Baits and methods:
All methods catch fish on the right day.

Getting There:
Not available.

The Chase Fishery consists of two medium sized coarse fishing lakes, the first well stocked with carp and many pike. The second lake contains many good carp, crucians, roach, tench and perch to average sizes. No night fishing and nets must be dipped.

May 2009:
The back lake has now had all swims raised out of the water so it's now easy to get down into the swim. We have now introduced 15,000 fish consisting of carp, bream, tench, roach, perch, also we have some crucian carp being delivered anytime soon. Also, the front lake is producing some big fish as of the beginning of april and all swims have been rebuilt.
Thanks to Dan Jackson for the update.

June 2008:
The front lake of The Chase has had a lot of work put in to it, with great wood chip swims and top up of fish added. 30lb+ carp visiting bank in May 2008, with a large predator also hitting the banks recently. Day and night tickets available from bailiff on bank. Very weedy, so tactics important.
Thanks to Brett for the update.

January 2007:
Bardag Fisheries have now taken over the waters at The Chase, Dagenham. Tickets are £6 one rod £10 for two rods.
Thanks to M Hills for the update.

February 2006:
"The chase at Rush Green, Dagenham is now free fishing as the White Hart Anglers club moved off in summer 2005. They did take a lot of fish from both lakes but it's owned by Barking and Dagenham council and as been fished for free since august 2005. Still some nice size carp in the front lake. May be taken over by the bardag fishing club but no news as of yet"
Thanks to Barry Harding for the update

Reader Feedback:
I'm a regular at the Chase in Dagenham and agree, it can be a hard water but once fished a few times and sussed the underwater features with a marker or a few casts about, and with the right tactics, you can find yourself upping your pb and catching alot of fish. There are many fish over 20lb and a few over 30lb. Mid week always the best as it can be like a spiders web at weekends.
Jamie - March 2010

Reader Feedback:
I recently visited the Chase Fishery in Dagenham and although it has improved a lot and the swims have been improved with better access and from the sound of it, it is fishing better, there is still a lot of rubbish laying around and there are no toilets and people are going anywhere they can find which is rather disgusting and is a shame because it could be such a great place to fish.
Mr P Howard - July 2009

Reader Feedback:
Regarding the previous comments, I don't think the price is to high. I've fished the front and back lake several times and had more than a few fish but have also had days where I've had nothing. It is a hard water to fish in the heat as the fish seem to wanna cruise the top but it doesn't mean they're not catchable.
Chris - April 2009

Reader Feedback:
I fished all day on Sat 9th Aug until about 10 pm on 10 Aug. All I caught was 1 carp bout 6 lb and that was on worm. I don't think it is value for money - 2 rods for 10 quid. I paid 20 quid and all I caught was one 6 lb carp. I think the owners need to sort the weeds out and put a lot more fish in it.
Steve - August 2008

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