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- Northlands Park -

Fishing Hut
- Northlands Park -

Location in South East:
Felmores, Essex, England.


Day Tickets:
Day tickets [6am - 10pm] cost 3 for one rod, 5 for two rods. Concessions available for OAPs, registered disabled and juniors. Evening only tickets and night fishing tickets all available.

Food and drink available. Childrens playground.

Best Baits:
Luncheon meat, sweetcorn, bread, worms and maggots for bream, boilies, dog biscuits and bread flake for carp.

Getting There:
Northlands Park lies about two miles East North East of Basildon Town centre. From the A13 take the A132 turnoff signposted Basildon. At the roundabout Take the exit signposted A132 Wickford, Basildon, and Industrial Areas. At the next roundabout, take the second exit, signposted A132 Wickford, and Southend A127. At the next roundabout take the third exit, signposted Felmores. At the next roundabout turn right under the height restriction barrier, and immediately left into the car park. The lakes are in front of you.

Northlands Park consists of some seventy acres of woodland, copses, grassland and lakes. It is controlled by Basildon District Council. Northlands Park comprises two coarse fishing lakes, which total six and a half acres. Northlands Park is best known for its big bags of quality bream, its big carp, and its pike. There are also the roach and tench, plus a smattering of big perch, crucians, chub, and a few big eels. The pike fishing season opens on September 1st and closes on March 31st. Keepnets allowed. No bait bans in force.

Reader feedback:
Northlands fishery. I have not been fishing there for a few years because of people who obviously don't care about the lake i.e. vandals and druggies, However, I was really pleased when I visited the lake on how good it looks and clean and tid. Lovely swim layout, better than what it looked before. Glad to know I will be a regular back at the lake.
Ken - October 2012

Reader feedback:
I am writing to you as I feel Northlands Park and Basildon Fisheries management have been wrongly put down by lovers of Mick Toomer and match fishing. To start with the bailiffs that work at Northlands Park, Gloucester Park and Lake Meadows are not cowboys. They work hard all year round against an endless battle of rubbish and other tut that people feel the necessity to throw in and around the lake. They have also worked hard on updating the swims to not only accommodate the existing anglers but the many new ones which are venturing to the lake for carp and coarse fishing alike. The disabled swims have not been changed, they are still along the middle path as they always have been with plenty of mud to put your bank sticks in. I am a carp angler and a match angler but I dont often use a pod and seem to get on fine over there with bank sticks.

The dead fish were merely a handfull of the new stock which died through stress only and were well below the average mortality rate for a new stock of fish, and I might add that the reason for the new stock was down to the fact that the great Mick Toomer took a big heap of fish out of all three lakes when he left as a parting gift to all the people that had paid his wages for the previous twenty years. And just to re-confirm, the Enviroment Agency took a sample of fish from Northlands Park and they DID NOT DIE OF ILLNESS just from stress of moving. And you say you have fished for twenty six years yet you can't understand why they banned keepnets on a lake that is 3 foot deep normally and had dropped a foot in the summer? I take my hat off to the guys at Basildon Fisheries Management for making a fishery that had been robbed of its stock and making it an awesome run water. Well done guys.

Lee - April 2011

Reader feedback:
I have fished Northlands Park in Basildon, Essex for 26 years. It's on my doorstep and have not fished anywhere else. Mick Toomer managed these lakes also several others in Essex. He provided excellent fishing in Northlands Park and built new swims and also swims for disabled anglers. This park was always packed with anglers. Recently Mick Toomer lost his job and the fishery has been taken over by different management. Stocks of carp were put into the lakes and had disease, swims have been covered with hard shingle unsuitable to put any rod rest in. It has been turned into a haven for carp anglers only, no disabled swims and if there was, how can a disabled person put there bank stick into hard ground designed only for carp anglers with pods. There are dead fish everywhere and anglers and hot weather are to be blamed so they have now put a keepnet ban. When keep nets were allowed with permission, I have fished these lakes for 26 years during some very hot summers. I have never had to get permission to use keepnets or having them banned. The reason for dead fish is because the carp they restocked were diseased, not from anglers or the hot weather. Please bring back Mick Toomer and let somebody who knows what he is doing manage Northlands Park, not cowboys.

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