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Where to fish ? Coarse fishing venues in Hertfordshire
- Aldenham Country Park Reservoir -

Fishing Hut
- Aldenham Country Park Reservoir -

Location in South East:
Elstree, near Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

020 8953 4978.

Day Tickets:
Day tickets cost 6 per day, £3 for juniors

** NEW: fishing punts are to be reinstated at Aldenham reservoir. Starting from 1st October. Pre-bookable and registration only. Contact Eric on 07974 272750.

Best Baits:
Not available.

Getting There:
Not available.

Aldenham Country Park Reservoir is a 65 acre coarse fishing water holding some superb roach, perch, carp, pike, bream, tench and chub.

Reader Feedback - October 2009:
Went to Aldenham Country Park Reservoir and caught 3 pike, 13lb and a 16lb, 2 x 14lb carp and 2 x 9lb bream - a cold but very good days fishing.
Ginger Grain

Reader Feedback - June 2008:
I wrote a revew a little while ago and said I would be going again at some point and did so about two weeks a go. I had a great days fishing pulling aout an 8 - 10lb bream and a perch + a chub which I am told by the bailiff was the first chub to be caught in 5 years - well chuffed. By the way, I was using maggot feader and chucking it out as far is I could. Hope this helps.

Reader Feedback - June 2008:
I have fished a few times at Aldenham Country Park and have had a nice few roach, a lovely 2 pound perch and some bream but I have also been a few times and have caught nothing. There are fish in there, u just have to give them what thay want lol. Also I have never fished off the the wall, I have only fished off the bank along the bailiffs hut but i am happy with what I caught and will be going again. Hope this helps.

Reader Feedback - March 2008:
Took my son aged 12 fishing for the first time to Aldenham water today to fish for pike. I spoke to the bailiff who was very helpful, he told me where to fish at this time of year which was on the concrete wall. It was a very windy day and my bite alarms were twitching away all day but no runs. Various people stopped to chat to us and informed us that there are some big pike in there but it is a hard place to catch. We didn't catch anything but my son enjoyed himself and now wants to go again sometime. Things have changed since I last fished here: they used to have punts for hire but no longer do this and you can only fish from the wall and along the same bank as the bailiff's hut. It cost 6 for me and 3 for my son, I would go again when it warms up at bit. One point to note, there is no spinning allowed.
Joe Garner

Reader Feedback - August 2007:
I am the head bailiff at Aldenham Country Park. As to the disgruntled MR JOHNSON perhaps he should become a more competent angler before fishing on natural reservoirs that can be difficult, or listen to advice given by our bailiffs or regular anglers.
Eric Barnes

Reader Feedback - August 2006:
"I took my kids fishing at Aldenham Country Park - it says on the website (not Fish South East) that it is under fished. More like under stocked - we could not even get a bite let alone catch anything and they charge three pounds to fish there. Maybe that's why nobody wants to fish there, unless it was the wrong day to fish there. So i would like to know if there are any fish in their waters."
Mr S R Johnson.

If anyone can update Fish South East on the fishing at Aldenham Park Reservoir, I would be delighted to here from you.

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